09 Sep

Ten Top Wedding Motifs

wedding motiffs

Themes are essentially considered in the planning stages of a wedding. These themes usually center on a certain color motif which acts as a hinge on which all of the details of the wedding depend upon.

With this in mind, choosing a color motif can be quite frustrating for a bride, especially if she is unable to fully visualize the wedding in a certain motif. Fortunately, each motif reflects a certain mood, a certain symbolism; the bride can start her planning with that thought.

The following color motifs are more popularly chosen for their own unique characteristics; this should help the bride in choosing which motif best suits her wedding theme.

Coral – this color often effuses a slightly indie vibration. It may also be made to suggest a Latino, East Indian, or a Caribbean ambiance, since it lends a subtle reference to sea foams and tides. This color may be paired with rust or teal, or for a more conventional feel, with chocolate brown, pink, or yellow.

Lavender – This motif suggests of a soft and ladylike quality, nostalgic in appeal and romantic in style. This color goes well with traditional themes, with conventionally tiered cakes and simple floral arrangements.

Pink – The lighter shades of this color motif suggests happiness, a youthful playfulness, and a sense of sweet and innocent fun. The hotter shades are more energized and vibrant; possible accents to this hue include black, brown and vibrant green.

Yellow – this color has an optimistic vibe in it, a cheerful and a tenacious regard with the bonds of friendship. This color is very pleasant, and it suggests a clean and grounded look; butter colored porcelain and ivory paper are great accents.

Royal Blue – this color is a combination of grandeur and masculine elegance; it is also traditional with a slightly nostalgic touch. Ideally combined with a paler shade of blue, yellow, or gold.

Red – passionately romantic and dramatic, this motif suggests deep lows, higher highs, and surmounted peaks. This is ideally combined with crisp whites and elegant black.

Black – suggests sophistication, mystery, assertiveness, and nostalgia. This motif shows the couple’s strong inclination towards design.

Green – this color suggests a down to earth sensibility, and is often complemented by ingenuous, unconventional floral arrangements. Lime green may effectively be paired with vibrant pink; olive or vibrant green may be combined with black and white contrasts for a more contemporary and regal vibe.

Ivory – ivory is classic elegance. This color motif suggests an old world and soft spoken ambiance.

Diamond white – this color motif may symbolize anything from purity to chic modernity. The sheen of this color motif is popular because of Victorian influences. This motif goes well with minimalist bouquets of Calla blooms and simple but elegant patterns.

Remember, these motifs are mere basic guides for the bride in order to have some inkling as to how she should proceed with the theme of her wedding. These are time tested and solid colors which are safe and not too out of the box, so to speak. For better decision making, it is advisable that she employs the services of a wedding planner, in order to take the bulk of the burden off of her shoulders.

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